Welcome to The French Quarter! (New Orleans, Louisiana)

I don't believe I've produced a more popular video than this one featuring the French Quarter of New Orleans. I spent a tumultuous couple of years in the Crescent City and without a doubt was greatly affected by the history and culture there. This video is in some ways a love letter to the town which helped teach me how to live, to love and to let go...

When you visit New Orleans you're almost certain to spend some time in the French Quarter. This historic section of town is full of interesting characters and places to see. This video shot in the French Quarter on January 17, 2013 will give you just a sampling. Those who have already been here or are planning a trip will enjoy these sights and sounds!

Production: 2013
Cinematographer/EditorBrian Mueller
Tools: Sony HDRCX580V High Definition Handycam & Final Cut Pro X