The Helen-Frank Roush Documentary

In 2004 I founded a scholarship to commemorate the life and generosity of a close family friend. Her name was Helen Roush. Helen grew up in Ripley, Ohio, a rural farm community in Southwestern Ohio. She was among the first women in this region to attend college and afterwards returned to West Union where she lived and worked for the remainder of her life.

The mission of the Helen Frank-Roush Scholarship is to help young women in rural Ohio further their educational goals so that they may enrich their lives and return their talents to the communities in which they live and grew up.

As of 2016, twelve scholarship have been awarded. I am indebted to a great many individuals for helping to make this scholarship possible, and I sincerely hope it will continue to help young women for as long as individuals must finance their own higher education. And what I have learned personally is that there are some things we do in life for which we will never fully know the impact. For this I am humbly grateful.

Please watch this documentary to learn more about Helen Frank-Roush. I produced this film to provide supporters and interested persons with more information about the scholarship. Among the places featured in the video are Ripley and Wet Union, Ohio. Helen is portrayed through narration and vintage photographs.

Production: 2012
Cinematographer/EditorBrian Mueller
Tools: Sony HDRCX580V High Definition Handycam & Final Cut Pro X